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New Construction Homes in Lincoln, NE

Are you looking for new construction homes in Lincoln, NE? You’re not alone. Many buyers are choosing to buy new construction homes because they offer a number of advantages that other types of homes just can’t match. One of the best things about them is the ability to customize your living space and amenities without paying additional fees or costs associated with renovations. Lincoln Select Real Estate Group agents have experienced realtors that can help in many aspects of purchasing a newly built home from negotiation to understanding the fine details of the contract.

Benefits of New Construction Homes in Lincoln, NE

There are many benefits associated with investing in a new construction home; it’s quite easy to find one that suits your needs and offers everything you want. However, people often avoid this option because they believe it is too expensive. The truth is that new construction homes are affordable and competitively priced when compared to other housing options.

Lincoln Select Real Estate Group can help you with your search for new construction homes in Lincoln, NE that best suit your needs and wants by providing information about the different neighborhoods throughout Nebraska’s capital city. Our experienced realtors will provide insight on financing options as well as a thorough knowledge of all aspects of purchasing any new homes for sale in Lincoln, NE.

Customizable floor plans and amenities.

New construction homes offer a personalized design process, which makes them attractive to many buyers. New construction buyers may even have the ability to pick their lot of choice. When deciding between buying new construction homes or an existing home, take into consideration the size and energy efficiency of your preferred homes. It can be tempting to buy old fixer-upper homes for sale when you find a good deal, but that will come at the expense of creating your dream house. If you’re someone who loves design or just as many of their own ideas, then new construction is the way to go.

Energy Efficiency

Take advantage of innovations made in energy efficiency technology to optimizing your home to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Today there are many options that can make a new construction home more energy-efficient including insulation, double-pane windows, and various other features.

If you’re curious about your current Home’s carbon footprint in Lincoln NE, connect with one of our agents today! With the Lincoln Electric System [LES] providing a Sustainable Energy Program, you can save money with incentives that encourage you to keep up and improve your home’s energy efficiency. With these upgrades in place, you’ll also be able to reduce your electric usage during peak times when prices are high and help delay the need for infrastructure growth. There are nearly half a million dollars of the LES Incentive budget available as of July 2021.

Lower Maintenance costs

The chances of having to fix or make major repairs to your new construction home are significantly lower. Also, most builders include a one-year warranty on their homes.

Memories for a lifetime

– An experience that is one-of-a-kind for new construction homes buyers because it’s their turn to make the decisions from the ground up! 

A new construction home will give you the opportunity to choose how much space you need or want as well as what type of exterior design best suits your needs and desires. You can also save time by not having to worry about renovations costs associated with moving into a fixer-upper!

Your Buyers Agent

When it comes to buying a new home, you should never go into these negotiations without one of Lincoln Select Real Estate Group’s agents. Buyers who don’t contract with an expert during this process will be unrepresented and are likely to give up lots of valuable pieces in the negotiation process.

Our agents are experienced in negotiating all aspects of contracts, including what will be included in your new construction home purchase or sale. Our local Lincoln, Nebraska real estate experts know how to negotiate with Nebraska builders on your behalf.

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