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Leading Leaders: Mick Empowers Team of Real Estate Agents

Matt Mick, Realtor and team owner, Lincoln Select Real Estate

Like many college students, Matt Mick wasn’t entirely sure what kind of career he would land on. After switching majors numerous times, he graduated with a degree in education. But, almost immediately, he realized he wanted a different journey, and pursued a real estate license. In 2013 he joined a prominent real estate group, which became a valuable learning experience. It was then that he realized a desire to contribute more to the industry.

“I had a passion for helping more than just people buying homes, but also helping real estate agents develop the careers that they want to develop,” Mick said.

From there his entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear and he pursued the creation of his own real estate team. He formed Lincoln Select Real Estate Group in 2017 with a core focus: empowering his team of agents.

“Everything we do in our organization when it relates to the real estate side is empowering our agents to create exceptional experiences for their clients, have a healthy work-life balance, to learn, and grow professionally and personally,” he said.

Focusing on his team has paid off, RealTrends ranked Lincoln Select Real Estate Group at No. 24 on its list of top medium teams in 2023. It was also listed at No. 1 for Nebraska in its category. Those rankings are a testament to the team’s lofty goal of each agent selling 24 homes a year.

Mick said being part of EO Nebraska and learning from other members has helped him to build the needed skill set to be a leader.

“When you start a business, typically you’re the problem solver for the first several years,” Mick said. “EO almost forces you to step back and learn how to actually communicate and be a better leader. It has taught me a lot about how to lead myself and how to lead the leaders around me.”

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