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How To Use This Season to Your Advantage

How to successfully sell your home in the fall and winter months.

Have you ever thought about selling your home in the fall or winter? Time flew by fast, and we are already in the fall season. Pumpkin spice is everywhere, and now you can sleep with your windows open. It’s no wonder why some people consider it the best time of the year!

However, a lot of sellers ask us this question: “Is now a good time to sell my home?” It’s never a bad time to sell your home, so here are some tips and tricks for selling your home during this time of year:

1. Make wise decisions when decorating. Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas decorations have a large presence in homes. Therefore, do your best to not have a lot of clutter when it comes to decorating, and keep in mind that people will be touring your home. During this time of year, less is better, but some decor is also appreciated and expected.

“Stay on top of your leaves and snow removal.”

2. Maintain great curb appeal. Fall and winter come with the extra mess, especially as leaves fall from the trees. It’s going to be super important that you maintain nice curb appeal. Stay on top of your leaves, and clear snow from your driveways and sidewalks. 

3. Make sure your house is well-lit. Lighting this time of year is phenomenal, so let that light in and open your blinds and shades. This will add quite a bit of coziness to the feel of your home, which buyers will like. 

4. Clean everything. There are extra leaves and snow on the ground during fall, so I would highly recommend putting a doormat on your front step to allow people to drop their shoes off without getting your floor dirty. 

I truly believe that fall and winter are great times to sell. Oftentimes, buyers in this season are more motivated. If you want to discuss selling your home in these seasons, my team and I would love to chat with you. You can visit our website here, or call or email anytime. We look forward to talking with you!

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