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Here’s How To Stay on Top of Your Sphere for Referrals

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In today’s market, summer is the best time to set the pace for the rest of our business year to ensure we get the leads necessary for a great head start. We need our sphere to be working overtime to generate referrals. In today’s video, I’ll share our three best tips for staying in contact with your sphere of influence so those referrals keep pouring in.

1. Make the summer work for you. With warmer weather, we can expect a significant uptick in sales activities nationwide. According to NAR, past trends indicate that sales activity will increase by around 34%, and prices will rise about 3%. Use this excitement and market momentum to generate more referrals. Keep your sphere up to date with market analysis, statistics, and headlines to build anticipation and energy, then take advantage of it to ask for referrals.

2. Celebrate the season. Offer your sphere items of interest and value beyond real estate transactions. Summer is a great time to up your game. Use the traditions of summer to energize your messaging—create fun messages about summer vacations or trips to the beach. Consider hosting client events and engaging in community outreach during this time of year.

“Use this excitement and market momentum to generate more referrals.”

3. Update your socials. Social media is a powerful tool for staying connected, and summer is the perfect time to refresh your past contacts. In this new digital age, with 77% of realtors using social media and 47% reporting higher quality leads from it, you don’t want to miss out. Regular posts about your real estate journey, success stories, and market insights keep your network engaged. Engaging with your contacts’ posts, celebrating their successes, and sharing relevant content fosters a sense of community and keeps communication lines open. Remember, over 90% of target home buyers start their home search online—make sure yours is a name they want to search first.

Staying in touch with your sphere of influence and generating referrals is an ongoing process that requires genuine effort and strategy. If you have any questions about staying in touch with your sphere, generating referrals, or anything related to the business of real estate, please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I’m always here to serve as your resource for all your business needs.

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