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Category: Home Buying Tips

    Affordable Homeownership for Only $1,000 in Nebraska

    By Matt Mick | January 23, 2024

    Get your first home with The Nebraska Home Buyers Assistance Program. Read More

    2-1 Buydowns: The Secret To Lowering Your Interest Rate

    By Matt Mick | December 12, 2023

    Let’s be honest: Everyone knows that purchasing a home has become much harder since interest rates increased. Good homes are hard to find, and when you finally get one, they’re usually pricey. Fortunately, there’s a loan product designed specifically to help buyers struggling with higher interest rates: 2-1 buydowns. Today, I’ll explain how this product works, how it benefits buyers, and more. Check out this video to hear more. Read More

    Buying Your Dream Home? Here’s How To Stand Out as a Serious Buyer

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Enhance your prospects of landing your dream home with these insights. Are you embarking on the exciting journey of finding your dream home? The process can be both exhilarating and challenging. To enhance your prospects of landing your dream property, consider these three crucial tips that not only empower you but also make you an... Read More

    Revolutionizing Home Buying: Introducing the Love It or Leave It Guarantee

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Here’s how we’re helping buyers find peace of mind in this market. Is our market too tough for homebuyers? A recent study found that 82% of Millennials regret their home purchases. Considering that this demographic made up a huge chunk of the home-buying population across the country, this trend could seriously impact both buyers and... Read More

    Foreclosures Uncovered: Insights for Buyers in the Current Market

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Discover how the landscape of foreclosures has transformed in recent years. In the aftermath of the real estate collapse in 2008, foreclosures became a widespread concern for homeowners across the country. However, the landscape has changed significantly since then. Today, we’ll explore why foreclosures are not as prevalent today and discuss how to navigate the... Read More

    This Is How You Win With a Home-Sale Contingency

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Tips to help you buy your dream home contingent on selling your old house. Today, I’d like to delve into a common challenge many people face: buying a new home while trying to sell their current one. Writing an offer that’s accepted, with a contingency to sell your present home, can be a complex task.... Read More

    Mortgage Myths Debunked: Get the Facts From a 20-Year Lending Veteran

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    These common lending myths can trip you up if you don’t know the truth. Are you aware of the many myths surrounding home loans that are floating around out there? If you aren’t, you may be in for a surprise. Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Elgert with Lincoln Federal. Chris has 20... Read More

    A Good Home Inspection Includes These 3 Big Things

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    These are the three biggest issues that home inspectors look for. Today, I’m discussing the top three things home inspectors look for when inspecting a home. Most of the time, this will occur after the buyer has already committed to the house, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a crucial part of the process. During... Read More

    2 Calculations All Rental Owners Should Know

    By Jackie Heger | November 15, 2023

    Two calculations to determine if a rental property is a good investment. Have you ever thought about investing in a rental property? Real estate investments can be a great way to earn passive income, but you need to be careful. Not all rentals are the same, so you need to know how to identify which... Read More

    Why Buy in Today’s Market? Part 7 – Affordability

    By Jackie Heger | November 15, 2023

    Read More