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Category: Agent Training

    What I Offer Our Agents on a Daily Basis

    By Matt Mick | December 20, 2023

    Here’s what we do every day to help our agents find success. On a daily basis, my role revolves around ensuring the seamless operation of our office and providing support to our agents. I take the time to connect with each agent personally, familiarizing myself not only with their professional goals but also with details... Read More

    The Difference Between Close-Ended and Open-Ended Questions

    By Matt Mick | November 22, 2023

    Here’s how you can use open-ended questions to have better conversations. Read More

    From Concern to Confidence: How To Address Interest Rate Worries

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    How can you address the concerns of your buyers regarding increasing interest rates? As a seasoned real estate agent, you understand that changes in interest rates can significantly influence your clients’ purchasing power and send ripples of uncertainty through the minds of prospective homebuyers. To help put them at ease, you must show your expertise... Read More

    Finding Your Way to Real Estate Success: A Story of Choices

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Discover the perfect analogy to guide your real estate journey. Today, I had an enlightening conversation about the different paths a real estate agent can take, and I can’t wait to share them with you. 1. Treadmill vs. solo agent: Think of starting your real estate career as buying a treadmill. At first, it’s exciting, you... Read More

    Amplify Your Success: The Hidden Advantages of Following a Daily Routine

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Sharing three surprising ways that a daily routine can help you succeed. Real estate agents have a mountain of different tasks to accomplish each day—you need to meet with your clients, show homes, call your prospects, and much more. With all of these responsibilities on your plate, it can be easy to lose track of... Read More

    How To Build Your Business Through Referrals

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    These three tips will help you ask your clients for referrals. Referrals are the lifeblood of a real estate agent’s career, but how do you get them? Asking clients for referrals seems like a great idea, but it can be tricky to execute well. You don’t want to be too pushy and ruin a good... Read More

    Untapped Opportunities: How to Turn Expired Listings into Real Estate Gold!

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Explore the untapped potential of expired listings in real estate. I’m thrilled to share with you some insider tips on how to leverage expired listings to skyrocket your lead generation in the real estate business. Many agents shy away from expired listings, fearing rejection or feeling they shouldn’t interfere with another agent’s territory. But let... Read More

    Overcoming Common Buyer Objections in the Changing Housing Market

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    As real estate agents, we must guide clients through their concerns. In today’s dynamic real estate market, buyers often express various objections before committing to a purchase. As real estate agents, it’s our responsibility to address these concerns and help potential clients make informed decisions. Here are three common buyer objections and effective strategies to... Read More

    Negotiate Like a Pro: The Art of Creating Win-Win Real Estate Deals

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    Sharing three ways to master the art of creating win-win deals. In the dynamic world of real estate, the ability to negotiate effectively is a crucial skill for agents to possess. You play a pivotal role in guiding your clients through the complex process of property transactions. However, successful negotiations extend beyond merely securing a... Read More

    The Real Estate Agent’s Dilemma: Home Office vs. Traditional Workspace

    By Jackie Heger | November 16, 2023

    As a real estate agent, should you consider trying to work from home? Working from home has become a popular choice for professionals across various industries, including real estate agents. The flexibility and convenience of a home-based office may seem appealing, but it’s essential to consider the pros and cons before making a decision. One... Read More