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5 Interesting Facts About Lincoln, Nebraska

Here are five interesting facts about Lincoln you might not have known.

Today, I’m here to share some fun facts about Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m going to highlight five unique things that make our city unique. Whether you live in Lincoln or plan to move there, these facts should entertain you.

1. Lincoln has the best flag. In 2022, Lincoln won a national contest and was awarded the best flag in all of North America by the Urban Life Signs North American Flag Tournament. The Lincoln City website has more information on the flag and where to purchase it. 

2. The city’s football team has the longest sellout streak. The city is very proud of its team, the Huskers, which has the longest sellout streak of any football team in history, spanning over 60 years. On game day, Memorial Stadium becomes the third-largest community in all of Nebraska.

“There are many things that make our city unique.”

3. Lincoln is home to the National Roller Skating Museum. However, the interesting thing is that there are no indoor skating rinks in the city. 

4. We have the largest Lincoln Logs structure. This is a popular toy here, and Lincoln holds the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest building made out of Lincoln Logs, which grew to over 12 feet when completed.

5. There are over 136 parks in the city. They span over 6,000 acres, offering plenty of park space for you and your family to enjoy. 

If you have questions about these facts or the city in general, please call or email me and my team. We are always happy to help!

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